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At The Float Studio you can enter into a world of complete calm and tranquility in the state-of-the-art I-sopod®. Precision engineered, they are the most advanced and luxurious floatation system available.


The pods are a roomy 2.58m long and 1.65m wide. The pods are incredibly hygienic - a powerful pump and the latest in filtration and sanitation technology are incorporated into the design with I-sopod filters fully effective to one micron – an incredible 100 times smaller than human hair! The pods are fully filtered 3 and ¾ times between each float. With 550kg of magnesium suphate in each pod the solution itself acts as a powerful sanitizer. In addition to this we combine the use of UV light and hydrogen peroxide to further sanitize the solution and ensure that nothing harmful can survive in the pod. There is a call button within the pod should you feel the need to contact our staff at any point during your session. With its sleek and stylish look and advanced features at your control we can assure you this will be the most comfortable space for your floating experience.

 Colour & Music


  The I-sopods are also fitted with a full colour spectrum light display,

  which you can control to provide a different experience from

  sensory deprivation. If you wish please feel free to ask our staff to

  provide some relaxing music throughout the float.