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 The first few float sessions can be challenging for some as they try to settle into the new environment. Therefore we highly recommend having 3-5 sessions fairly close together initially in order to allow you to fully embrace the experience, to see the potential in front of you and to decide what benefits floatation therapy may provide for you.


Once you can fully appreciate the benefits of floatation in your life, you will see that no two floats are ever the same. We recommend floating on a regular basis if you want to experience the benefits long term.


Prior to booking your session, please consult our FAQ's page for 'When not to Float' to ensure you are able to attend your session. Then simply book a session at a time that is convenient for you. Provided you're not late for your appointment your time within the float pod will be a full 60 minutes, or longer if you choose to stack your floats, but please allow an additional 10 minutes for pre- and post-float showers.




For your first float, please arrive 10 minutes prior to your session so our staff can familiarise you with our centre and with the floating process.




Be sure to use the bathroom before your session starts.




Enter your private float room, undress (for best results it is recommended that floating is done in the nude), insert the ear plugs provided and shower to remove any hair products, lotions and perfumes.




Cover any cuts or abrasions on your skin with the vaseline provided and enter the pod. 




When you close the door of the pod music will play to indicate the start of your session. Lie back and relax and enjoy your experience. Click here for our tips and best practices to get the most out of your session




When your session has finished music will again play to gently bring you back to reality. Exit the pod and shower again to rinse off the salt and prepare for the outside world.




Get dressed and come join us in our Post Float Lounge to have a cup of tea, bask in your post-float glow, browse through our books and relax for as long as you wish.